Spanish Study: Spanish Newspaper (El Mundo) Publishes Article on Final Approval of U.S. MDMA/PTSD Study

One of most important national Spanish newspapers (El Mundo) published an article regarding the final approval of the US MDMA/PTSD study in its Science section. The article is quite favorable and also tells that the MAPS-sponsored Spanish MDMA/PTSD study was shutdown for political reasons. We will continue to struggle to reopen the Spanish MDMA/PTSD study.

CNN Show: American Morning, 7 AM. Dr. Drew Pinsky thinking too reductionistically about the use of MDMA for the treatment of PTSD, “…it’s quite legitimate…I think the idea that it creates a psychological effect may be somewhat naive, the idea that somehow people are more open to looking at the narrative around their trauma because of the sort of subjective effects of the drug, that, to me, is kind of naive because it’s so biologically powerful. It’s almost like looking at electric shock therapy again.”