Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness, Spring 2009 Annual Meeting
Theme: Bridging Nature and Human Nature

This conference–with its emphasis on the “bridge” theme–represents a rallying together of groups forming an interdisciplinary coalition to help reassess science and culture and the interface between technology and nature. We ask, what would our science be like if its methods of inquiry resembled the life-promoting rays of our sun, as it shines onto the unopened bud of a flower, coaxing it to open and unfold itself? It is a call for a more systemic, process-oriented, intimate and sensual understanding of the universe in which we live. Indeed this call to reinvent our narrative construction of science and culture is essential to bridging nature and human nature.

The Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness Annual Meeting will be held April 1-5 at McMenamins historic Edgefield Resort at the entrance to the beautiful Columbia River Gorge in Portland, Oregon. Possible topics to consider are:

For more information, or to download proposal and registration forms: www.sacaaa.org