Science and Nonduality Conference 2011

What: 2011 Science and Nonduality Conference

When: October 19-23, 2011

Where: Embassy Suites and Marin Center, San Rafael, CA

Tickets: $450 until September 15; $540 until October 15, $595 at the door (MAPS supporters can use coupon code MAPS to receive 10% off registration)


Description:SAND 2011 will gather together over 60 of the world’s leading scientists, spiritual leaders, authors, and teachers to explore the concept of “time” through the integrated perspectives of modern science, ancient tradition, art, philosophy, and experience. MAPS will be sponsoring a panel at the conference where scientists and other members of the MAPS community will discuss the conference theme from the perspective of psychedelic research. Speakers will include Stanislav Grof, Jim Fadiman, John Hagelin, Richard Rohr, Gangaji, David Peat, Zoketsu Norman Fischer, Michael Harner, Rabbi David A. Cooper, Fred Alan Wolf, and many others.

MAPS supporters can also take advantage of a special offer: Receive $45 off registration simply by entering the coupon code “MAPS” when ordering your tickets.