November Giving Report: Legalizing Psychedelic Medicine

In November 2017, MAPS raised $250,000 in new donations and pledges from 630 supporters. In the same month, MAPS released the first in a collection of new video testimonials from clinical trial participants Roxxann, Hapi, and James as part of its year-end drive to raise $200,000 for evidence-based psychedelic and marijuana research and to develop new treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, addiction, and other conditions.

Since November 15, 389 donors have already given nearly $121,000—60% of our $200,000 goal—and quickly met our initial $15,000 matching grant. An additional $35,000 in matching grants has been offered by The Sarlo Foundation ($10,000), Justin Rosenstein ($15,000), and an anonymous donor ($10,000) to ensure that the momentum continues.

As MAPS shifts focus to beginning its Phase 3 studies of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD, we face a fundraising challenge. In August, MAPS was granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This encouraging news demonstrates the FDA’s support and desire to expeditiously make MDMA into a legal medicine. Phase 3 studies will cost between $25-$35 million for both FDA and European Medicines Agency (EMA) approval. With $17.3 million in hand or in multi-year pledges, there’s still a funding gap we need to close.

We extend a special thanks to those who so generously supported MAPS last month:

General Support

  • William H. Donner Foundation ($50,000)
  • Anonymous ($15,000)
  • Anonymous ($26,017)
  • The Libra Foundation ($10,000)
  • Anonymous ($10,000)
  • Russell Haywood ($4,400)
  • Sean Abraham ($2,000)
  • AmazonSmile Foundation ($1,932)
  • Nathan Magness ($1,775)
  • Eileen Nikki Super ($1,000)
  • Emily Marie Grossell ($1,000)
  • Jerry Greenfield ($1,000)
  • Meredith Orthwein ($1,000)
  • Lombardino Family Fund ($1,000)
  • Pennyghael Foundation ($1,000)
  • Stephen & Eve Milstein ($1,000)

MDMA/PTSD Phase 3 Studies

  • Peggy Dulany ($51,040)
  • Rebecca Lambert ($5,000)
  • James Anderson ($1,000)
  • Joshua Seth White ($1,000)
  • Kevin S. Feldman ($1,000)

MDMA/PTSD Phase 3 Study in Israel

  • Zevic Mishor ($5,000)

Marijuana for PTSD Study in Arizona

  • Julie Holland ($1,450)

MAPS relies on the generosity of individual donors to achieve our mission. Psychedelic science is again being conducted under federal guidelines, but no funding for psychedelic psychotherapy research is yet available from governments or major foundations.

Help us reach our goal to make MDMA a medicine by 2021 by establishing a monthly gift of $10 or more.

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