Zendo Project Fundraising 2018: Update: Zendo Project Still Needs Your Help


Update: Zendo Project Still Needs Your Help

Help fund psychedelic peer support services, education, and outreach

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Just 9 days after launching our crowdfunding campaign to expand the Zendo Project’s psychedelic peer support services, 148 donors have already contributed $61,196—over 87% of our $70,000 goal. We still need your help to transform difficult psychedelic experiences at festivals and events around the world. 

The Zendo Project is sponsored by MAPS, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible, and limited edition perks are still available!

Goal: $70,000
$61,196 raised by 148 generous donors

Donate Now

With Burning Man 2018 approaching quickly, we need your help to continue to create compassionate spaces and provide supportive care for challenging psychedelic experiences at festivals this year.

We have fulfilled the $22,200 matching grant provided by Ethan Devine, Sir Ivan with The Peaceman Foundation, DanceSafe, Tyler Norris, Nick Sullivan, Ben Williamson with Kapany Applied Research, Inc., Joel Dietz, and an anonymous donor. We extend our sincere gratitude to all donors who have helped us quickly get this far.

Make a Gift

In addition to harm reduction services, the Zendo Project provides public peer support training workshops as well as consultation services, teaching people how to work with challenging emotional experiences and creating a platform for open, responsible conversations about substance use.

The Zendo Project provides resources and support for guests free of charge. By supporting the Zendo Project, you’re helping:

  • Provide essential infrastructure for community-based psychedelic peer support at Burning Man, Envision, Lightning in a Bottle, and beyond.
  • Train volunteers, grassroots organizations, medical providers, security personnel, and event producers, as well as develop new resources for training and education.
  • Expand our capacity for outreach, helping us support harm reduction initiatives to communities and populations that might otherwise be unable to access our program.

Donate Now


Act quickly to claim one of our special perk bundles for donors! Contributors will be eligible to receive all perks up to the level of their donation!

Make sure to check out the Zendo Project website to explore other unique perks for donors of this fundraising campaign.

Sticker and Patch
$30 Donation

Interactive Webinar
$500 Donation

Zendo Project Hoodie
$200 Donation

Give the gift of compassion and donate now. Thank you for your support!


Sara Gael
Director of Harm Reduction, MAPS Zendo Project