Zendo Project Fundraising 2018: Zendo Project Supports 380 Guests in Black Rock City


Zendo Project Supports 380 Guests in Black Rock City

Crowdfunding campaign raises $125,448 to expand psychedelic peer support services

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We feel humbled and grateful. Thanks to the generosity of 394 donors from 22 countries, our community raised $125,448 to help the Zendo Project expand psychedelic peer support services and education at events around the world.

This year at Burning Man, over 300 Zendo Project volunteers served 380 guests, providing 24/7 compassionate care and psychedelic peer support services for the seventh consecutive year in Black Rock City. We are proud to share that Zendo Project was highlighted in the official materials provided to attendees upon arrival, and our new prominent location on the Esplanade led to more visibility than ever before.

The Zendo Project collaborated closely with medical staff from the Emergency Services Department, law enforcement officers from the Bureau of Land Management, and Black Rock City Rangers throughout the week. A public 3-hour training on the principles of psychedelic harm reduction was hosted, along with integration sessions facilitated by the Zendo Project.

Fundraising Campaign

Our donors exceeded our expectations. We are grateful to our community for helping our fundraising campaign exceed our original $70,000 goal as well as our $100,000 stretch goal. Thank you for your support!

Special Thanks

We extend our immense gratitude to this community for contributing to the success of the Zendo Project’s fundraising success: Ethan Devine, Joel Dietz, Tim Ferriss, Riverstyx Foundation, Sir Ivan with The Peaceman Foundation, DanceSafe, Tyler Norris, Nick Sullivan, and Ben Williamson with Kapany Applied Research, Inc.

In addition to an $8,000 matching grant, the Riverstyx Foundation generously donated $22,000 to support the Zendo Project! With this donation, we have reached 93% of our $130,000 stretch goal.

Limited edition perks for donors are still available until September 17, 2018. You can still make a contribution to fund the Zendo Project’s services, infrastructure, education, and outreach needs for the entire year of 2018. Click here to make a gift and claim your exclusive perks!

Donate Now

Our community is making this work possible. Thank you for supporting MAPS and the Zendo Project! 

In psychedelic service,

Sara Gael
Director of Harm Reduction, MAPS Zendo Project