MDMA Therapy Training Program Update: November 2021

The fall MDMA Therapy Training cohort is now underway and includes approximately 500 trainees in a 100-hour online program, running through December 18, 2021. So far this year we’ve granted $900,000 in 231 Health Equity Scholarships and increased diversity of program trainees immensely. The training team is finalizing 2022 training plans which will include a combination of online and in-person cohorts. The in-person training retreats will be a week-long residential training retreat with about 60 trainees, plus online coursework before and after. The MDMA Therapy Training Program is accepting applicants on a rolling basis. More information about the program, including an application link for clinicians and counselors, email newsletter sign up, and more, can be found on our website.

MAPS Health Equity Scholarships will be available for upcoming 2022 MDMA Therapy Training cohorts! Thanks to the MAPS Health Equity Fund, the MDMA Therapy Training Program is honored to offer a number of full and partial scholarships for tuition costs to eligible practitioners. The MAPS Health Equity Scholarship is part of MAPS and MAPS PBC’s commitment to increasing inclusion and equity in our programs and advancing the initiatives outlined by the MAPS Health Equity Fund.      

The MAPS Health Equity Scholarship will be granting funds to qualified practitioners under 3 main criteria:  

  • Black, Indigenous, and all practitioners of color   
  • Trans and non-binary practitioners   
  • LGBTQIA+ practitioners  
  • Practitioners from refugee communities   

In order to be considered for a MAPS Health Equity Scholarship, applicants must:   

1. Submit an MDMA Therapy Training Program Application  

2. Submit a MAPS Health Equity Scholarship Application 

Please visit our scholarship webpage for more information. 

The Supervisor Training Program has just completed its second round of training; the last round was run in 2019. Seventeen Phase 3 therapists learned more about the MAPS inner-directed modality and prepared to work as associate supervisors supporting therapists entering into clinical trials and practice. The Training and Supervision Department has begun to envision and plan for what supervision will look like after MDMA therapy is approved. MAPS PBC will be recruiting many more supervisor candidates to join the Supervisor Training Program in advance of approval to support new therapists entering practice in a scalable way. 

A new cohort of adherence raters began training in the Adherence Rater Training in September 2021. Adherence raters are mental health professionals who review recordings of therapy sessions conducted as part of the MDMA-assisted therapy clinical trials sponsored by MAPS PBC. They assess sessions for fidelity to the MDMA-assisted therapy treatment manual and protocol. Forty-two adherence rater trainees are participating in a 65-hour online training this fall/winter to support the work of reviewing session videos for adherence to a set of pre-defined adherence criteria and providing feedback on therapeutic quality and competence in MAPS-sponsored clinical trials. 

Please visit our training website to learn more about the MDMA Therapy Training Program. Sign up here for the training newsletter.