The 7 Principles of MAPS

Consciousness without Criminalization

We advocate for the dignity and rights of all people who use drugs, free from fear and stigma. We firmly reject criminalization of people for growing, making, distributing, or using drugs.

Creating our Principles through Collective Values

To develop the MAPS principles, we sought input from MAPS and MAPS PBC staff and board members, and reflected on our own understanding of fundamental psychedelic values.

We drew inspiration from a number of sources. The 10 Principles of Burning Man have inspired many of MAPS staff, board and community to build a loving and sustainable community, and we similarly hope MAPS’ 7 Principles can support our broader community in its multitudes of creation, inspiration, and healing. We were deeply influenced by Adrienne Maree Brown’s principles of Emergent Strategy and Dr. Bronner’s 6 Cosmic Principles. MAPS Founder Rick Doblin has also long drawn on Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” and many in the MAPS community are guided by the late John Perry Barlow’s “Principles of Adult Behavior.” We also applaud the North Star pledge, a strong starting point for conscious psychedelic businesses. 

MAPS is committed to working towards upholding and embodying these principles and values in our daily work, and we are grateful for our community and supporters who constantly teach and remind us how to do so with integrity. We look forward to the ways these principles can help us collectively manifest the future we all know is possible.