From the Newsletter of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
MAPS - Volume 7 Number 1 Winter 1996-97

Letter from MAPS President - Rick Doblin, MAPS

Schedule 1 Research Protocol:
An Investigation of Psychedelic Plants and Compounds for Activity in Serotonin Receptor Assays for Headache Treatment and Prophylaxis

Ethan B. Russo, M.D.

Ketamine Study at Yale: an Update
Evgeny Krupitsky, M.D., Ph.D.

Psilocybin's effects on cognition: Discussion of recent research
Matthew J. Baggott

Listening for the Logos:
A Study of Reports of Audible Voices at High Doses of Psilocybin

Horace Beach, Ph.D.

Reports on the 1996 International Transpersonal Association Conference, Technologies of the Sacred

Introduction by Stan Grof, impressions by LSD researchers Donna Dryer and Richard Yensen, MDMA and ayahuasca researcher Charles Grob, ayahuasca researcher Dionisio Santos and DMT and psilocybin researcher Rick Strassman.
Impressions of the Technologies of the Sacred Conference, Manaus 1996

The Ritual Use of Hoasca: Comments and Advice
Francisco Assis de Souza Lima, M.D.

What Do We Tell the Kids?
Special section on drug education

Researching School-Based Drug Education:
Drug Education and Democracy [In]action

Joel H. Brown, Ph.D., M.S.W.

High School Students Talk about Drug Education Programs
Joel H. Brown, Ph.D. and students

Families and Drugs: Two First-hand Accounts

Stumbling on His Stash

The Rite of Passage: A family's perspective on the use of MDMA

The Life and Accomplishments of Dr. Hanscarl Leuner
Torsten Passie, M.D., M.A.

The Heffter Research Institute Update
David E. Nichols, Ph.D.

The Hofmann Report, Newsletter of the Albert Hofmann Foundation
Myron Stolaroff, M.A.

The Literature of Psychedelics
Bob Wallace

MAPS Resources
Audio tapes available for October 1996 Entheobotany Conference

MAPS Readers' Forum