The Literature of Psychedelics
By Bob Wallace

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New Books

Ketamine: Dreams and Realities
Covers many aspects of this strange dissociative psychedelic, starting with basic pharmacology, then from recreational use by psychonauts and ravers, to modeling the near-death experience, to problems of compulsive use. Learn about the "K-hole" and "koincidences", but also possible Olney's lesions. Bibliography, index.
Karl L. R. Jansen; MAPS 0-9660019-3-1, 335 page paperback, 14.95

DMT: The Spirit Molecule
DMT was first found in plants but later discovered in the human pineal gland. The author gave it to 60 volunteers (injected, often at high doses) and studied their experiences. This very readable book combines scientific research (and its political problems) with speculations on the neurochemical and spiritual reasons DMT is found in the human pineal. Chapter notes. Recommended.
Rick Strassman; Inner Traditions 0-89281-927-8, 377 page paperback, 16.95

Tomorrow Never Knows: Rock and Psychedelics in the 1960's
Yes, much of 60's music was about psychedelics. This book, both academic and personal, describes the connection. From early Beatles and blues, through Sergeant Pepper and Purple Haze, to Bob Dylan and Charles Manson, it explores the musical evolution and cultural shift, and the role played by psychedelics. Notes and index.
Nick Bromell 2001; Univ. Chicago Press 0-226-07553-2, 210 page hardcover, 21.95

The Apples of Apollo: Pagan and Christian Mysteries of the Eucharist
Essays to uncover the original food of the sacramental communion. Wine, Ixion-mistletoe, Soma-Amanita, Paul at Corinth, Perseus at Mycenae, Manichaeism, secrets in ancient arts and artifacts, the Mystery at Eleusis, the Druidic "wicker man" burning, the Grail; an entheobotanical excursion. References, index.
Carl A.P. Ruck, Blaise Daniel Staples, Clark Heinrich 2001; Carolina Academic Press 0-89089-924-X, 286 page paperback, 26.95

Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research
Accessible overview and summary of Grof's work on nonordinary states of consciousness. The potential of psychedelic states, maps of the psyche, mind disorders, spiritual emergencies, mind states and therapy, spirituality and religion, death and dying, the Cosmic Game, and the transpersonal perspective on humanity's survival. References, recommended.
Stanislav Grof 2000; SUNY Press 0-7914-4622-0, 361 page paperback, 19.95

Dark Night, Early Dawn: Steps to a Deep Ecology of Mind
Philosophy and Personal Experience of Extraordinary States of Consciousness.

Deep ecology of death and rebirth using psychedelic states, near-death episodes, and out-of-body states; leads to a theory of the field dynamics of the mind. Academic and appealing. Introduction and inspiration by Stan Grof. Notes, bibliography, index.
Christopher Bache 2000; SUNY Press, also 0-7914-4606-9, 373 page paperback, 23.95

This second book of Alex Grey's paintings continues from Sacred Mirrors with his works from the 1990's. Not seen at press time, but sure it will be wonderful!
Alex Grey 2001; Inner Traditions 0-89281-851-4, 144 page hardcover, 39.95

The Other Side of the Haight
Novel about a 60's Haight-Ashbury commune. Well-known author was a student of Leary and Alpert at Harvard and has done legal psychedelic research. He tells the story of a girl who comes to the Haight and learns about free love and LSD, and we hear of the famous Be-In and the CIA's brothel; a story at times comic, tragic, and bizarre, but based on historical facts and personal experience.
James Fadiman 2001; Ten Speed Press (Ingram) 0-89087-984-2, 247 page hardcover, 25.95

Smart Pills: Compounds That Increase the Capacity for Mental Work in Humans
Short reports, mostly on the use of 2C-D, some on 2/5-ethoxy variants of this and 2C-T-2 (PIHKAL "tweetios") for learning and other cognitive work. Advanced notes from the field.
Hosteen Nez & Lazar 1990 (2nd edition); self-published [no isbn]; 50 page paperback, 3.95

In Search of the Ultimate High: Spiritual Experiences Through Psychoactives
Great book on using entheogens in spiritual practice. Introduction describes entheogen religions (NAC, Santo Daime, others); use in Western religious practice; shamanism; personal entheogen practices; rave spirituality; spiritual and practical guidelines. Glossary, resources, annotated bibliography, notes, index. Recommended.
Nicholas & Anja Saunders, Michelle Pauli 2000; Random House UK (Trafalgar Square) 0-7126-7087-4, 272 page paperback, 19.95

Stairways to Heaven
Drugs in American Religious History

From indigenous Native American use of peyote and tobacco to the recent psychedelic churches, the author (a professor of religious studies) describes the use of entheogens, wine, and other drugs in North American religious practices. Ends with a chapter on the social issues of the religious use of illegal drugs. Readable yet well-researched, with chapter notes, bibliography, and index.
Robert C. Fuller 2000; Westview Press (Ingram) 0-8133-6612-7, 246 page hardcover, 25.95

The Divine Hallucinogen

This radical but well-researched book says Soma was the sacred lotus, Nelumbo nucifera, and some Nymphaea (water lily) species. It also traces Soma back to Greco-egyptian, Islamic, European, and Chinese alchemy, as the elixir of immortality. Important for the scholar, but also very readable. Notes, bibliography, index.
David L. Spess 2000; Inner Traditions 0-89281-731-3, 205 page hardcover, 29.95

Some pithy text by Terence McKenna with incredibly psychedelic organic paintings by fantasy artist Robert Venosa. Stunning detail and color. A fitting tribute, with a great portrait of Terence in a mushroom wave. 150+ plates, biographical notes.
Robert Venosa & Terence McKenna 2000; Craftsman House (PTT) 90-5703-272-4, 240 page large hardcover, 49.95

Tripping: An Anthology of True-Life Psychedelic Adventures
Trip reports from 50 people, young and old, of experiences from the sublime to the terrifying. Starts with author's perspective, cultural history, and basics of the psychedelic experience. Notes, bibliography, resources, index. Recommended.
Charles Hayes (editor); Penguin/Putnam 0-14-019574-2, 512 page paperback, 17.95

Ayahuasca Reader
Encounters with the Amazon's Sacred Vine
Excellent collection of writings about ayahuasca, from many points of view: ayahuascaros, religious leaders, scientists, famous writers. Sections: mythologies of indigenous peoples, encounters by anthropologists, the ayahuasca religions, and literature of ayahuasca. Bibliography, index, notes on contributors. Recommended.
Luis Eduardo Luna & Steven F. White (editors); Synergetic Press 0-907791-32-8, 264 page paperback, 29.95

Into The Void: Exploring Consciousness, Hyperspace, and Beyond Using Brain Technology, Psychedelics, and Altered-Mind States
Personal advanced mind research using traditional psychedelics, dissociatives, and even anticholinergics such as diphenhydramine, with brain machines and other technologies. Few can navigate the extreme realms of the mind; fewer still can write about it and help us understand it. Bibliography, web sites.
Zoe7 2001; ZON Worldwide Media [no isbn]; 304 page large paperback, 36.95

Drug War: Covert Money, Power, & Policy
Extensive history of U.S. drug policy from the 1700's to the present. Exposes that much of drug prohibition is based on politics, patriarchy, and (often deliberate) misinformation. Follows up author's Shamanism and the Drug Propaganda (page 26), which covered drug use and prohibition in ancient times. Bibliography, notes, index.
Dan Russell 2000; (Homestead) 0-9650253-4-9, 685 page paperback, 34.95

Psychonavigation: Techniques for Travel Beyond Time
The author's experiences of travel outside the body, using visions and dream wandering, based on his encounters with shamans from different cultures (see next book). One can psychonavigate both to distant realms and sources of inner wisdom. He says Beethoven, Jung, and Einstein used similar techniques.
John Perkins 2000; Inner Traditions 0-89281-800-X, ??? page paperback, 12.95

Herbs of the Northern Shaman: A Guide to Mind-Altering Plants of the Northern Hemisphere
Lists 65 plants; some get several pages and pictures, some just a paragraph. The main hallucinogens are fly agaric, psilocybin mushrooms, morning glory, peyote, Phalaris grasses, and Syrian Rue; many Solanacaea and others are included as well. Bibliography, glossary, index.
Steve Andrews 2000; Loompanics 1-55950-211-8, 115 page large paperback, 14.95

Getting Off
Novel set in 1969, as the characters and society deal with new ideas about sex, drugs, music, politics, protests, and communal living and loving. From Berkeley to Woodstock, rioting to psychedelic religion, captures some of the flavor of the times.
Joshua Tal 1989/2000; 1st Books Library, 248 page paperback, 18.95

Cleansing the Doors of Perception: The Religious Significance of Entheogenic Plants and Chemicals
Wise words of religious scholar Huston Smith (author of Forgotten Truth) about the value of entheogens. Explains why "drug" induced spiritual experiences are valid, gives historical and modern examples, discusses how entheogenic experiences relate to spiritual metaphysics and meaning. Notes, references, index. Recommended.
Huston Smith 2000; Tarcher/Putnam (Ingram) 1-58542-034-4, 190 pages hardcover, 22.95

Medicine Quest
In Search of Nature's Healing Secrets

Use of ayahuasca and other Amazon plants and animals as medicine, by author of Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice. Well-written and wide-ranging. Shamanism chapter discusses ayahuasca healing. Bibliography and index.
Mark J. Plotkin 2000; Penguin 0-670-86937-6, 240 page hardcover, 22.95

Mushrooms and Mankind
The Impact of Mushrooms on Human Consciousness and Religion

Good, brief introduction to the sacred Amanita as it relates to Christianity, the Vedas, and more esoteric traditions, with many photos of historical religious significance. Also includes appendix with author's personal experiences and recipe. List of recommended authors and index.
James Authur 2000; The Book Tree 1-58509-151-0, 98 page paperback, 12.95

The Book of E : All About Ecstasy
History of MDMA, wide-ranging but with a focus on the British dance scene. Some tips on using Ecstasy, early therapeutic use, current neurotoxicity research, and other topics. More on British E culture and rave scenes. Bibliography, web sites.
Push, & Mireille Silcott 2000; Omnibus Sales (Last Gasp) 0-7119-7519-1, 253 pg pb, 19.95

The Delicious Grace of Moving One's Hand
Collection of Leary's writings about psyber-sexuality and erotics. He talks of opening up to feminism, the mind-body connection, and later cybersex. The brain is the most important sexual organ, and Leary loved to explore it. Bibliography.
Timothy Leary 1998; Thunder's Mouth (Last Gasp) 1-56025-181-6, 311 pg pb, 13.95

The Politics of Self-Determination
Based on Leary's pre-LSD work on personality, and early work Changing My Mind Among Others, this covers his ideas of personal freedom and human interaction. The Psychlotron, survival anxiety, diagnosis of consciousness, cyberpunks, more.
Timothy Leary (2000 edition); Ronin Publishing 1-57951-015-9, 100 pg pb, 10.95

Narcotic and Hallucinogenic Cacti of the New World
Additional notes on the ethnography, botany, and chemistry of 70 cactus species (not really "narcotic"). Notes, references, index.
M.S. Smith 2000; Better Days [no isbn], 90 pg pb, 17.95

Trout's Notes on Cultivation of Desmanthus for Rootbark Production
Another plant family with tryptamines. Includes background on the plant, cultivation details with photos, also plans for a simple tryptamine volatizer.
K. Trout 2000; Better Days [no isbn], 28 page pamphlet, 7.95

Closet Cactus Care
Growing Trichocereus species from seed, plant care, grafting technique.
M.S. Smith 2000; Better Days [no isbn], 16 page pamphlet 4.95

New Editions

Pharmako/Poeia Index
Very complete index to author's great Pharmako/Poeia, with illustrations, quotations, works cited, definitions.
Dale Pendell 2000; self-published, 40 page paperback, 5.95

Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms
Mushroom natural history, culturing methods, permaculture, grain and sawdust spawn, gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, design of grow rooms and farms, color plates, resource directory, bibliography, index. Details about visionary wood-chip species, such as P. cyanescens and azurescens.
Paul Stamets 2000 (3rd edition); Ten Speed Press (Fungi Perfecti) 1-58008-175-4, 592 page paperback, 39.95

Uppers, Downers, All Arounders
Physical and Mental Effects of Psychoactive Drugs

Good text on recreational mind drugs; up to date, detailed, accurate, but some extra emphasis on possible problems (and solutions). Chapters on history, physiology, uppers, downers, all arounders (psychedelics and marijuana), inhalants, society, sports, love/sex, treatment, and dual diagnosis. Bibliography and index.
Darryl S. Inaba & William E. Cohen 2000 (4th edition); CNS Productions 0-926544-26-8, 499 page paperback, 51.95

Murder, Magic, and Medicine
Plant (and animal) sources of many poisons, hallucinogens, and medicines. History and neuropharmacology. Some on older psychedelics: Amanita, Cannabis, Solanaceae, Ipomoea, Psilocybe, Peyotl, ayahuasca, snuffs, tobacco, nutmeg, Iboga. Nice illustrations. Bibliography and index.
John Mann 2000 (2nd edition); Oxford Univ. Press 0-19-850744-5, 263 page paperback, 19.95

A Primer of Drug Action: Concise, Nontechnical Guide to Actions, Uses, and Side Effects of Psychoactive Drugs
Comprehensive, but readable, description of how many psychoactive drugs work, both recreational and psychotherapeutic, as well as associated neurotransmitters and receptors. Nice chapter on psychedelics, and section on MAO inhibition.
Robert Julien 2001 (9th edition); W. H. Freeman 0-7167-5109-7, 630 page paperback, 58.95

The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience
The Classic Guide to the Effects of LSD on the Human Psyche

After 35 years, still one of the best books on how psychedelics affect people, and how to guide a session. Describes four possible levels of a psychedelic experience: delight of the senses and inner visions; personal self-analysis; mythic/psychic dramas; and the spiritual/mystical experience. Important early work, recommended. Notes. Robert Masters & Jean Houston 1966/2000; Inner Traditions 0-89281-897-2, 335 page paperback, 16.95

Sorcery and Shamanism
Curanderos and Clients in Northern Peru

Studies the lives and rituals of 12 shamans, who heal clients with San Pedro cactus and use a complex ritual mesa (altar) to balance forces of good and evil. Case histories and follow-ups of patients. Notes, references, and index. Good anthropology.
Donald Joralemon & Douglas Sharon 1993; Univ. of Utah 0-87480-640-2, 316 page paperback, 19.95

Sisters of the Extreme
Women Writing on the Drug Experience

From Victorian opium use to psychedelics, stories of women's drug experiences. Laura Huxley, Margaret Mead, Anais Nin, Alice B. Toklas, Marlene Dobkin de Rios, Billie Holiday. Comments on ancient and non-Western cultures, women, and drugs. Illustrated; bibliography. Nice new edition with recent writings and updated preface. (title was: Shaman Woman, Mainline Lady)
Cynthia Palmer & Michael Horowitz 2000/1982 (editors); Inner Traditions 0-89281-757-7, 328 page paperback, 19.95

Haoma and Harmaline
The Botanical Identity of the Indo-Iranian Sacred Hallucinogen "Soma" and its Legacy in Religion, Language, and Middle Eastern Folklore

Scholarly monograph on Peganum harmala (Syrian rue) and harmaline. Flattery covers history, ethnobotany, and evidence from rituals; Schwartz the linguistic evidence. Some practical aspects of harmala and a few other plants. References, word index, general index.
David S. Flattery & Martin Schwartz 1989; Univ. of California Press (author) 0-520-09627-4, 218 page paperback, 22.95

Psychedelic Resource List
Excellent annotated listing of many sources for plants, seeds, spores, publications, organizations, and other resources having to do with the psychedelics. Expanded Internet section. Wider range than Psychedelic Sourcebook; for example, has Cannabis related listings. Highly recommended.
Jon Hanna 2000; Soma Graphics 0-9654383-0-9, 152 page large paperback, 19.95

Ayahuasca Analogs and Plant-Based Tryptamines
Reports about ayahuasca analogs and DMT extraction using plants such as Phalaris, Desmanthus, Psychotria, Mimosa, and Acacia species, plus background on MAOI,s and their uses with other psychedelics. These notes from the field, garden, and kitchen are from The Entheogen Review, and complement reference works such as Ayahuasca Analogs and Trout's books.
DeKorne, Aardvark, & Trout 2000; The Entheogen Review [no isbn], 238 page paperback, 16.95

New Periodicals

The Entheogen Review
David Aardvark (editor). One of the best periodicals; includes updates to the Psychedelic Resource List.
Vol IX, #2. Burning Man report, chapter from DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Terence McKenna talk part 2, Telluride mushroom festival report, Mirabilis Multiflora effects, Sources update, feedback, events, books, more. 5.95
Vol IX, #3. Dan Merkur interview (see The Estatic Imagination, page 20), identifying active Trichocerei cacti with photos (Trout), Terence McKenna talk part 3, new Divinorum C isolated, Sources update, feedback, events, books, more. 5.95

Yearbook for Ethnomedicine, Issues 6/7, 1997/98
Issue 6: Samorini on Bwiti rites; Shanon on ayahuasca; Beck on MDMA use.
Issue 7, Psychoactivity Conference papers: Schaefer, Deimel on peyote; Shanon, Ott on ayahuasca; Metzner on therapy/shamanism; Yensen & Dryer on therapy; Heinz on psilocybin; Adelaars on Netherlands rituals; Ott on artificial/natural substances.
Christian Ratsch & J. Baker (editors) 2000; VWB 3-86135-033-5, 389 page paperback, 29.95

Eleusis (new series), Issue 3
A great journal of psychedelic plants and compounds. English and Italian.
Issue 3: alcoholic brews and folk medicine; Jason's Golden Fleece was Amanita muscaria; early Christians and mushroom/snail rituals; therogens, releasing the beast within; European Convolvulaceae; plants to make khadi; reviews.
Giorgio Samorini & Jonathan Ott (editors); SISSC, 128 pg lg pp, 21.95

Ayahuasca Healing
Shaman's Drum #55
Several articles on healing with ayahuasca: Peter Gorman encounters spirit doctors, Donald Topping heals liver cancer, Mark Plotkin searches for ayahuascaros (see Medicine Quest, above). Other articles on shamanism.
Timothy White (editor) 2000; Shaman's Drum [no isbn], 80 page large paperback, 5.95

The Entheogen Review, Vol VIII, #4.
4-acetoxy-DIPT primer, Amanita pantherina, Stipa robusta, column chromatography, Terence McKenna interview, Allchemical Arts and other conferences, Pharmaco Prohibita, Sources update, feedback, events, books, more.
David Aardvark (editor); 4.95

The Entheogen Review, Vol IX, #1.
Toxicologist conference, injection, political prisoners, talk by Terence McKenna, Ayahuasca conference, new exotic compounds, Catha edulis (Pendell), Salvia news, Kratom, Sources update, feedback, events, books, more.
David Aardvark (editor); 11.95

Journal of Cognitive Liberties
Sharon O'Toole DuBois (editor). Focused on legal issues around psychedelic/entheogen use, with both essays on the topic and news of current legislation. Published by the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics, part of the Alchemind Society. Very worthy of support.

Journal of Cognitive Liberties, V1, #1
Essays by Richard Glen Boire, Wrye Sententia, Jonathan Ott & Robert James Riley, Susan Bryce, Hakim Bey; interview with Dan Russell; the religious defense for entheogen users; entheogen law news.
Sharon O,Toole DuBois (editor); 9.95

Journal of Cognitive Liberties, V1, #2
Essays by Richard Glen Boire, Scott J. Thompson, Ine Gevers; report on L.A. Rave Conference of California toxicologists; entheogen law news.
Sharon O,Toole DuBois (editor); 9.95

Journal of Cognitive Liberties,V1, #3
Ecstasy and Synthetic Panics (Jenkins); history of U.S. drug laws; hair testing; media mind manipulation; electroshock; entheogen law news.
Sharon O,Toole DuBois (editor); 9.95

The Resonance Project
Questions of Consciousness, transcortical stimulation, paratheatrical research, 70 drug myths, busting psychedelic mythology, edible light; interviews with Dr. Dave Nichols, Dr. David Presti, R.U. Sirius, Stewart Lee Allen, Dale Pendell.
James Kent (editor); Resonant Media, 4.95

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