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Letter from Rick Doblin, MAPS President      
Waiting But Not Idly: An Update on Progress Toward Prof. Lyle Craker’s MAPS-Sponsored Medical Marijuana Production Facility
Kelly Burns    
MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):
Eighth Update on Study Progress

Michael Mithoefer, M.D.    
MAPS Prepares to Launch MDMA-PTSD Study in Israel
Valerie Mojeiko     
MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Pilot Study in Switerland
Peter Oehen, M.D.    
Planning LSD Research in Switzerland
Peter Gasser, M.D.   
Seeing in the Dying Light: A Ketamine Case Study
Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D.  
MAPS-Sponsored Ibogaine Observational Case Study Approved
Philippe Lucas    
2006 NYC Ibogaine Conference
John Harrison   
A Groundbreaking Study on Music, Spirituality, Religion, and the Human Brain
Robin Sylvan   
So You Want to be a Psychedelic Researcher?
Andrew Sewell, M.D.    
Buddhahuasca: A Personal Narrative
David Ledeboer    

Toward Light in the Darkness: A Review of the SheShamans- MagicMamas & 2nd Amazonian Shamanism Conferences
Julia Onnie-Hay     

A History of the Women’s Entheogen Fund (WEF)
Annie Harrison     
WEF Recipient: Sylvia Thyssen     
WEF Recipient: Fire Erowid     
From Arcturus to Love Creek
Sarah Hufford     
Entheon Village Burning Man Fundraiser in Asheville, North Carolina     
St. Albert and the LSD Revelation Revolution
Alex Grey     
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MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) is a membership-based organization working to assist researchers worldwide to design, fund, conduct, obtain governmental approval for, and report on psychedelic research in humans. Founded in 1986, MAPS is an IRS approved 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation funded by tax deductible donations.

MAPS is focused primarily on assisting scientists to conduct human studies to generate essential information about the risks and psychotherapeutic benefits of MDMA, other psychedelics, and marijuana, with the goal of eventually gaining government approval for their medical uses.

Interested parties wishing to copy any portion of this publication are encouraged to do so and are kindly requested to credit MAPS and include our address. The MAPS Bulletin is produced by a small group of dedicated staff and volunteers. Your participation, financial or otherwise, is welcome.

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Robert Venosa

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Ram Dass
This Limited Edition Print of Ram Dass (aka Richard Alpert) is the fourth print by Dean Chamberlain in a special signed and numbered limited edition selected from Dean Chamberlain’s Psychedelic Pioneers Series. Fifty percent of the profits from the sale of these prints will go toward MAPS-sponsored LSD research (see page 10).
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