MAPS Bulletin - volume xx - number 1 - spring 2010
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Spring 2010: "Special Edition: Psychedelics, Death and Dying"
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1 Table of Contents
2 Letter from MAPS President
Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
3 Letter from the Editor
David Jay Brown, M.A.
6 Cultivating Compassion and Fearlessness in the Presence of Death:
An Interview with Roshi Joan Halifax

David Jay Brown, M.A.
9 The Experience of Death and Dying: Psychological, Philosophical, and Spiritual Aspects
Stanislav Grof, M.D., Ph.D.
14 A Conversation with Stanislav Grof, M.D., Ph.D.
David Jay Brown, M.A.
15 Exploring the Near-Death Experience: An Interview with Charles Tart, Ph.D.
David Jay Brown, M.A.
19 Keeping Death Alive: How Burial Preparation Became a Rite of Passage
Jessi Daichman
20 Preparing for the Final Passage: Dr. Oscar Janiger, M.D.
Robert “Rio” Hahn, FRGS, FN86
22 Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Studies and the Religious Experience: An Interview with Roland Griffiths, Ph.D.,
David Jay Brown, M.A. & Louise Reitman
25 Reflected Bits of Light
Willow Aryn Dellinger
26 UCLA Cancer Anxiety Research with Psilocybin: An Interview with Alicia Danforth
David Jay Brown, M.A.
28 Commentary on Harbor-UCLA Psilocybin Study
Charles S. Grob, M.D.
30 The Paradox of Mysteries
Valerie Leveroni Corral
32 Revisiting The Tibetan Book of the Dead and The Psychedelic Experience
Ralph Metzner, Ph.D.
34 Research with Psychedelic Psychotherapy for Dying Patients: The Inspiration for the Founding of the Heffter Research Institute
David E. Nichols, Ph.D.
36 Lessons from Psychedelic Therapy
Richard Yensen, Ph.D.
38 The Wild Open Space of Death
Anonymous, M.D.
40 Ego Death & Psychedelics
John Harrison, Psy.D. (cand)
42 Introduction to Stanislav Grof’s The Ultimate Journey: An Interview with Peter Gasser
David Jay Brown, M.A.
44 Raving Not Drowning: Exploring Green Burials and Conscious Funerals
Rupert Callender
46 Journey to Awakening
Kolya Djzivkovic
48 New Book Insert
49 Terence McKenna and Death
Alexander Beiner & David Jay Brown
50 Feeding the Hungry Ghosts: Ibogaine and the Psycho-Spiritual Treatment of Addiction
Jonathan Dickinson
52 In Our Heart’s Love
Carolyn Mary Kleefeld
53 In Memoriam: Howard Lotsof
Dimitri Mobengo Mugianis & Kenneth Alper, M.D.
54 In Memoriam: Elizabeth Gips, 1922–2001
David Jay Brown, M.A.
55 MAPS - Who We Are
56 MAPS Membership Information & Product Page
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"Going Home"
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In Memoriam. Elizabeth Gips, 1922–2001 (story page 54)
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