Winter 2003 Vol. 13, No. 2 Holy Fire

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MAPS Bulletin Vol xiii  No 2: Winter 2003 - Front Cover Image - Psychedelic Art - Holy Fire (Panel 1) by Alex Grey
"Holy Fire (Panel 1)" by Alex Grey, from his art book Sacred Mirrors. For signed books and posters visit
MAPS Bulletin Vol xiii  No 2: Winter 2003 - Back Cover Image - Psychedelic Art - Burning Man 2003 by Jim Hammer
Photography by Jim Hammer
Burning Man 2003


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3 Table of Contents
4 Letter from Rick Doblin, MAPS President
Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
7 MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): A Third Update on the Approval Process
Michael Mithoefer, M.D.
9 Obtaining an Independent Supply of Research Marijuana: The First of Two Prerequisites to a Realistic Medical Marijuana Research Effort
Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
14 The Struggle to Resume Ketamine Psychotherapy Studies in St. Petersburg
Evgeny Krupitsy, M.D., Ph.D.
16 Ibogaine: Treatment Outcomes and Observations
Two ibogaine treatment providers
22 New MDMA Research at the 65th Annual Meeting of the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) - June14-19, 2003, Sheraton Bal Harbour, Miami, Florida
Matthew Baggott
25 The GHB National Conference
A Visit to a Different Kind of Drug Activist Community

Valerie Mojeiko
27 The Third National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics
28 Lending a Hand at Burning Man: Psychedelic Emergency Services in the Black Rock Desert
Brandy Doyle
32 Beyond Belief - Exactly!
"Sam", an underground psychedelic therapist
33 Not Your Father's Revolution: Two Summer Conferences and the Next Generation of Psychedelics, Spirituality,and Community-building
Valerie Mojeiko and Brandy Doyle
37 A Review of Practicing Harm Reduction Psychotherapy by Patt Denning
Bruce Sewick, MA, LCPC
39 Letters to the Editors
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MAPS Bulletin Vol xiii  No 2: Winter 2003 - Inside Front Cover Image - Psychedelic Art - DzM by Steve Olridge
Top: (c) 2003 DzM
Bottom: (c) 2003 Steve Olridge
MAPS Bulletin Vol xiii  No 2: Winter 2003 - Inside Cover Image - Psychedelic Art - Rick Doblin receiving Norman E. Zinberg Award by Alex Grey
Alex Grey - Daniel Pinchbeck - Rick Doblin receiving Norman E. Zinberg Award