CBS News: Using Psychedelics to Treat Veterans’ PTSD

CBS News airs an investigative report about treating PTSD with MDMA-assisted therapy on a new episode of CBS Sunday Morning. In a series of interviews with David Martin of CBS, former Marine Scott Ostrom speaks about participating in a MAPS-sponsored trial, MAPS Founder Rick Doblin, Ph.D., outlines the process of overcoming obstacles associated with psychedelic research, entrepreneur Bob Parsons explains why he donates to MAPS, and PTSD expert Rachel Yehuda, Ph.D., highlights the promising results from MAPS’ first Phase 3 trial. “Two-thirds of the people that were treated with a course of MDMA no longer have PTSD,” says Dr. Yehuda. “This may really end up being a game-changer for people that have suffered for way too long.” 

MDMA, the main ingredient in ecstasy, could be key in helping veterans with PTSD
A study including 24 veterans showed PTSD was eliminated in 68 percent of vets treated with MDMA-assisted therapy