MAPS Announces Appointment of Carl L. Hart, Ph.D., to the Board of Directors

November 3, 2021

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is honored to announce the election of Carl L. Hart, Ph.D., to MAPS’ Board of Directors, effective as of October 22, 2021.

Dr. Carl Hart, the Ziff Professor of Psychology and former Chair of the Department of Psychology at Columbia University, is one of the world’s preeminent experts on the effects of psychoactive drugs on the human brain, body, and behavior. His decades of work in the field have compelled him to examine how the War on Drugs and its effective propaganda strategy have shaped and reinforced global structural inequities. In addition to serving as one of nine Directors of the Board for MAPS, Dr. Hart has served as a member of the National Advisory Council of Drug Abuse. He is the author of High Price: A Neuroscientist’s Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society and Drug Use for Grownups: Chasing Liberty in the Land of Fear. Dr. Hart is the recipient of the prestigious 2022 Abraham L. Halpern Humanitarian Award, which recognizes extraordinary individuals who champion the advancement of human rights and the improvement of mental health.

“Carl’s distinguished career is built on an unwavering commitment to scientific evidence,” notes Rick Doblin, Ph.D., MAPS Founder and Executive Director. “Paired with his audacious dedication to humanizing people who use drugs, Carl challenges the fear-based dogmas of the War on Drugs. His courage is an inspiration to our community — the kind of courage we need to fortify MAPS’ bold vision of catalyzing mass mental health and fighting for cognitive liberty.” 

Dr. Hart adds, “I am thrilled to be able to contribute to MAPS’ admirable goal of ensuring people have access to medications such as MDMA.” His expertise and knowledge will support MAPS’ strategic, principled growth through his tenure. He has been a frequent speaker at MAPS events and will be a featured speaker at Psychedelic Science 2023, the upcoming MAPS conference taking place June 2023 in Denver, Colorado. 


Betty Aldworth, Director of Communications

Founded in 1986, MAPS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana. MAPS is sponsoring the most advanced psychedelic therapy research in the world: Phase 3 clinical trials of MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD. Since its founding, MAPS has raised over $117 million for psychedelic and marijuana research and education and has earned both the Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency and a 4-Star Rating from Charity Navigator