Podcasts: Rick Doblin, Ph.D.

Listen to podcasts featuring MAPS Founder and Executive Director Rick Doblin, Ph.D., with sources ranging from mainstream media to independent journalism.

WIRED: The Case for Using MDMA to Help Heal Victims of Trauma
Warrior Poet Project Podcast Special: MAPS Podcast Featuring Founder Rick Doblin (Podcast)
Tributaries Radio: Rick Doblin Interview (Part 2) (Podcast)
Tributaries Radio: Rick Doblin Interview (Part 1) (Podcast)
The Tim Ferriss Show: Rick Doblin, Ph.D. — The Psychedelic Domino That Tips All Others (Podcast #440)
The Opium Den Talkshow: Rick Doblin (Podcast)
The Joe Rogan Experience: #1661 - Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
The Economist: Rick Doblin's Letter About Albert Hofmann's Death (Podcast)
The Bob Zadek Show: Dr. Rick Doblin on MAPS and the War on Drugs (Podcast)
Tangentially Speaking Podcast: Rick Doblin, Ph.D. (Podcast)
Sounds True: Rick Doblin: The Psychedelic Renaissance (Podcast)
Rick Doblin's 2009 Santa Cruz Brunch Talk (Podcast)
Rick Doblin Interviewed on Reality Sandwich (Podcast)
Rick Doblin Interviewed on CKNW Radio Vancouver (Podcast)
Rick Doblin interviewed by Dean Becker on Cultural Baggage (Podcast)
Psychepedia: Dr. Rick Doblin on MAPS' Roadmap to Approving Psychedelics as Medicines (Podcast)
Psychedelic Times: An Interview with Rick Doblin, Founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (Podcast)
Psychedelic Spotlight: Rick Doblin (Podcast)
Psychedelic Spotlight: Rick Doblin - June, 2009 (Podcast)
Progressive Radio Network: Of Consuming Interest: Rick Doblin Interview (Podcast)
Progressive Radio Network hosts Rick Doblin (Podcast)
Positive Head Podcast: Interview with Rick Doblin (Podcast)
NBC News: How MDMA Can be Used to Treat Severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
MindStates VI: Rick Doblin Presentation (Podcast)
MAPS Founder Rick Doblin on Psychedelic vs. Medical Marijuana Research (Podcast)
Lucid Planet Radio: The Psychedelic Renaissance with Rick Doblin, Founder of MAPS (Podcast)
KQED: Rick Doblin and Charles Grob (Podcast)
KQED: Rick Doblin and Charles Grob (Podcast)
It's All Happening Podcast: MAPS Founder Rick Doblin (Podcast)
In Crooked Media's Lovett or Leave It Podcast: Leave the Mask, Take the Cannoli
Here We Are Podcast: Psychedelic Therapy with Rick Doblin (Podcast)
Hell & High Water with John Heilemann Podcast: Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
Gnostic Media: Rick Doblin (Podcast)
Future Primative: Rick Doblin (Podcast)
Field Tripping Podcast: The Best Kind of Counter-Culture, Drug Using Criminal | Rick Doblin Pt. 1
Entheogen Show: Interview with Rick Doblin, Alex Grey, and Allyson Grey at Burning Man 2016 (Podcast)
Duncan Trussell Family Hour Podcast: Rick Doblin from MAPS (Podcast)
Drug Truth Radio Networks Century of Lies: Rick Doblin Interview (Podcast)
Deborah Ray Healthy Talk Show: Rick Doblin Interview (Podcast)
Chemistry World: Rick Doblin and John Halpern on (Sept. 2007) (Podcast)
Center Coast Public Radio: Rick Doblin & MAPS: Psychedelics and Psychotherapy (Podcast)
Carls Cannabis Corner: Rick Doblin Interview (Podcast)
Applied Curiosity Lab: Ep. 019: Turning Psychedelics Into Medicine with Rick Doblin (Podcast)
2008 Bioneers Talks: Ralph Metzner, Rick Doblin, and Valerie Mojeiko (Podcast)