Assessing the Role of the Serotonin-2A Receptor in Ayahuasca Effects in Humans

Principal Investigator: Jordi Riba

Institute de Recerca, Hospital de Sant Pau – Barcelona, Spain
Sponsor: Institut de Reserca, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau (HSCSP).
Objective: Ayahuasca is a complex alkaloid combination with various pharmacological mechanisms. Our study will assess the involvement of the 5HT2A receptor in its subjective, physiological, endocrine and immunological effects. A pharmacological blockade trial will be conducted in healthy volunteers. Findings will shed light on whether ayahuasca is merely “oral DMT” or whether other effects, such as increased endogenous (“naturally occurring”) neurotransmitter levels, also contribute to the overall ayahuasca experience.
Funding: study costs have been calculated at 65,000 dollars; 20,000 have already been secured. Interested donors please contact: Jordi Riba, Ph.D (