Exploring Personality, Phenomenological, and EEG Correlates of the Ayahuasca Journey Experience

Investigators: Frank G. Echenhofer Ph.D., Katee Wynia MA, Jay Gunkelman QEEGD, Luis Eduardo Luna Ph.D., Wayne G. Whitehouse Ph.D, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco CA.

Sponsor: Currently self-funded; MAPS providing publicity and serving as conduit for tax-deductable donations.
The purpose of this proposed research is to further study the patterning and dynamics of enhanced EEG gamma coherence during ayahuasca to develop biofeedback protocols, which, in turn, might be used to enable individuals to voluntarily access states of heightened awareness without using an entheogen. Previous EEG recordings from two individuals very familiar with the sacred use of ayahuasca detected high gamma EEG. The current research is designed to replicate and extend these earlier findings, and will be conducted in twelve research participants familiar with the sacred use of ayahuasca who will take part in an ayahuasca seminar occurring in southern Brazil from January 7-18, 2005 designed to facilitate spiritual development.
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