Kratom/Oxycodone Comparison Survey

*Important note: Due to errors in the Kratom survey, data collected through 8/13/18 has been discarded. These errors have now been corrected and a new link created. Those who filled out the survey before may do so again. New participants are also welcome to fill out the Kratom survey. There were no errors in the Oxycodone survey, so please only new participants fill out the Oxycodone survey.
Have you consumed opiates or tranquilizers in the past few months/years? Data on the wellness and risk factors of natural and synthetic psychoactive drug use is being collected for research. The psychoactive drugs of interest are Kratom and Oxycodone.
Below is a link to an online survey that asks questions about the psychological and physiological effects of these drugs. If you are 18 years or older and have consumed one of these drugs for the past few months or past few years, then you are eligible to participate. All users must have consumed the drug for three or more days per week for two months or more. Short term users must have consumed the drug for two to three months in the past 5 months. Moderate users must have consumed the drug for six months to two years. And heavy users must have consumed the drug for three years or more. (Note: for moderate and heavy users: If you have recently stopped consuming oxycodone/kratom, we ask that it has not been more than 6 months since you last consumed it.)
If you fit the criteria and are interested in filling out a survey on your experiences with ONE of these drugs, please follow one of the web links below. (If you have experience with both drugs, please pick the one drug you feel you would most like to discuss.)
Kratom survey link:
Oxycodone survey link: