Effects of Psilocybin-Facilitated Experience on the Psychology and Effectiveness of Professional Leaders in Religion

Investigators: Roland Griffiths Ph.D., William Richards Ph.D., Mary Cosimano M.S.W.
Sponsor: Council for Spiritual Practices
Contact: John Clifton, 410-550-2253
Status: Active and Recruiting
Summary: This pilot study is focused on investigating the effects and possible utility of psilocybin-facilitated experiences for professional religious leaders. The primary outcome measure being used for this study is an interim questionnaire to be administered 6 months post-enrollment. This questionnaire asks about experiences and changes in attitudes, mood and behavior that occurred during the past 5 months. The questionnaire includes questions about salient spiritual experiences, changes in spiritual practices, changes in attitudes, moods, social interactions, and other behaviors related to participants’ religious/spiritual vocation.