NYU School of Medicine Researchers Seek Religious Leaders For Study

Title: NYU School of Medicine Researchers Seek Religious Leaders For Study
Investigators: Stephen Ross, M.D.; Anthony Bossis, Ph.D.
Sponsor: Council on Spiritual Practices
Contact: religiousleaderstudy@nyumc.org or 646-501-4206
Description: Researchers at NYUSOM are conducting a trial that investigates the effects and possible utility of psilocybin-facilitated experiences for professional religious leaders. Researchers believe that religious professionals, given their interests, will be able to make nuanced discriminations of their psilocybin experiences, thus contributing to the scientific understanding of the mystical type experience. Qualified participants will receive medical evaluation and investigational treatment at no cost. Total length of participation in the trial ranges from 1.5 to 2 years depending on randomization assignment. No compensation will be given for participant’s time.
Click on the link for more information: http://nyucanceranxiety.org/pdf/Psilocybin-facilitated%20experiences%20of%20professional%20leaders%20in%20religion%20Content.pdf