Hailee Korotkin, CMC Associate Director (MAPS PBC)

Hailee discovered her love of science and nature as a university student when she learned how to cultivate gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. After earning a bachelor of science in business administration, Hailee obtained her masters in ecology and evolutionary biology, both from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. During her graduate work, she studied fungal-plant symbioses and co-authored a project seeking to unravel the evolution of hallucinogenic compounds found in psychotropic fungi. 

After earning her masters degree, Hailee joined the expanding hemp and cannabis industries where she designed extraction processes and managed testing laboratories and manufacturing teams. She worked in one of the first hemp-refining companies to follow current US and EU federal regulations of pharmaceuticals, which at the time was an unconventional aspiration for the nascent industry. In her most recent position, Hailee was the Chief Operating Officer of a pharmaceutical grade CBD manufacturer.

Hailee reports to me and is responsible for the CMC logistics functions, and cross-functional projects. In addition, she brings substantial industry expertise to the cannabis program.

In her free time, Hailee loves to be outdoors. Some of her favorite activities are hiking, kayaking, and appreciating nature to decompress. Hailee also enjoys spending time with her partner, traveling, reading, and occasionally indulging in her guilty pleasure of cartoons.