August Stockwell, Training Coordinator (MAPS PBC)

August Stockwell (they/them pronouns) earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Work in 2004 from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology (Applied Behavior Analysis specialization) in 2008 and PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2011 from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Before joining MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (MAPS PBC), August spent time as a professor and later as the Associate Director of Research at The Chicago School. They were also the Founder and Director of Upswing Advocates, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization that provided trainings for helping professionals on strategies for delivering affirming care to their LGBTQ2IA and neurodiverse clients.

At MAPS PBC, August works as a Training Coordinator with a focus on curriculum design, skill assessment, and building culturally sensitive clinical practices. They care deeply about making trauma-focused supports broadly accessible to people who need them and believe that each of us holds the potential for healing and transformation.

Outside of work, August loves to learn about the Enneagram, dream interpretation, mental health, and all the things that make up the human experience. And if it’s not too cold out, you’ll find them spending time with chosen family while listening to the waves of Lake Michigan.