Chelsea Pamplin, Document Control Specialist (MAPS PBC)

Chelsea earned an Integrated Master’s degree in Pharmacology in 2018 from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. Prior to joining MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (MAPS PBC), she worked as a Research Administrator at the University of Liverpool supporting several clinical research studies looking at pharmacogenetics of adverse drug reactions.

At MAPS PBC, Chelsea is currently a Document Control Specialist where she is responsible for TMF oversight and quality control of auditable document filing. After joining MAPS PBC in 2021 as a TMF Associate, Chelsea has contributed towards filing and quality control of regulatory documentation, process development and assisted with quality reviews of the eTMF. In collaboration with the Data Science team, Chelsea has also contributed towards communication of MAPS PBC research through assisting with manuscript publication and writing a blog post.

Chelsea has long been fascinated by the effects that psychedelics have on the brain, their therapeutic potential in mental health and as a tool in understanding consciousness. She is passionate about improving access to psychedelics and the transformational effects they can have both on a personal and societal level. Chelsea enjoys spending time with friends and family, listening to and creating music, and exploring nature/new places.