Gatisa Noble, Training and Supervision Project Manager (MAPS PBC)

Gatisa earned a Holistic Health Counseling Certificate in 2001 from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC and an ISO 9001:2000/AS9100 Internal Auditor Certificate in 2005 from Excel Partnership. Prior to joining MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (MAPS PBC), she worked in various fields including nonprofit fundraising, public administration, data management, and product manufacturing and distribution. Most recently, Gatisa worked as an Administrative Aide at the County of Santa Cruz, where she learned about the inner workings of our local and State public health systems. Gatisa also served as Director of Membership and Sales at MAPS PBC’s parent organization, MAPS, from 2010-2011. She is delighted that her path has led her back to MAPS PBC nearly a decade later.
At MAPS PBC, Gatisa is currently serving as Training and Supervision Project Manager. Gatisa is passionate about whole person care and is thrilled to be helping to create a new, accessible framework for healing that prioritizes people above profit. In her free time, Gatisa enjoys volunteer fundraising, vegetarian cooking, coloring and making play-doh art with her two sons, listening to Eckhart Tolle, researching everything under the sun, and making millions of plans for the future.