John Kim, Associate Director, Trade and Distribution (MAPS PBC)

John leads the trade and distribution function under market access and is responsible for identifying and maintaining relationships with supply chain partners, product distribution, licensing, and other components.

John brings 9 years in the pharmaceutical industry across the significant stakeholders. John has held roles with a national pharmacy benefit manager, and retail and specialty pharmacy, and drug manufacturer where he worked heavily in rebate and network strategy, analytics, and performance insights for Employer and Health Plan clients. John holds an MBA from the University of Illinois and a B.S. in accounting and economics from DePaul University.

He currently lives right outside of Chicago, Illinois, with his wife Sammy, 2-year old Emmett, and 4-year dog Podo. Outside of the office, John enjoys taking Podo for walks, playing tennis, and sneaking Emmett snacks when mom is not looking.