John Poncini, Associate Director of Technology

John serves as Associate Director of Technology at MAPS, overseeing the development and daily operations of the organization’s technological infrastructure. His engineering experience has enabled MAPS to transform their online presence, and has allowed the business to migrate over to scalable tech solutions.

Prior to his work at the nonprofit, John served as Video and Informatics Systems Associate at MAPS Public Benefit Corporation assisting in the development of our Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials for MDMA Assisted Therapy for the treatment of PTSD. John was instrumental in the early design and implementation of clinical systems used for therapist adherence and supervision as part of the therapist training program..

In his free time, John is passionate about developing his off-grid home with his partner in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Together they are developing sustainable systems of living and restoring the land affected by the recent wildfires. They hope to bring many fruits and flowers to blossom.