Jonathan Alinovi, Senior Clinical Systems Specialist (MAPS PBC)

Jonathan earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Hunter College in 2015. Before joining MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (MAPS PBC), Jonathan worked in media production and web development, and recently joined us from a non-profit digital learning organization that supported school-age children in online math tutoring.

At MAPS PBC, Jonathan is currently serving as a Senior Clinical Systems Specialist in Video Systems. He is carrying forward a full archival project for all previous MDMA therapy studies and supporting the video team and our video vendors in designing infrastructure for video recording storage that supports comprehensive and sustainable records, retention, and release procedures.

He is passionate about the intersection of computing and media and is thrilled to be a part of MAPS PBC. Jonathan hopes his work can help contribute to the healing of people who are otherwise unable to find relief from PTSD and other diagnoses.