Julie Santos, Human Resources Manager

Julie Santos received a double major in anthropology and global studies at University of California, Santa Barbara, with a minor in Middle Eastern politics from the University of Granada. Julie is generalist. She has designed and launched programs and organizations in 6 different countries with team members that originated from almost every continent on the planet. Regardless of the project, Julie focuses on creating collaborative spaces that push power to the edges and allow stakeholder participation to drive every stage of a design process. Her philosophy is heavily influenced by her work in disaster relief and in years of consulting as a grant maker using disruptive philanthropy methods. She believes that the only way to make a lasting positive impact, is to create safe spaces where communities affected by a problem are supported to realize their own transformation. As the human resources manager at MAPS, Julie aspires to create a workplace where the change and healing we are trying to bring to the world, are reflected inwardly, with the way we treat ourselves, our teammates, and our MAPS community.