Katherine Johnson, Contracts and Budget Associate (MAPS PBC)

Katherine previously worked as an oil jobber, at an entertainment venue, a lumber and logging company, and a PCB assembly company. It was in 2005 that a colleague recruited Katherine into a little company called Medtronic Vascular and a love affair began. Since that time, Katherine had the pleasure and honor to work with and be inspired by some of the greatest innovators of our time, like Earl Bakken and Thomas Fogarty.

Katherine has supported clinical business and clinical operations at the sponsor, site, and CRO levels and is delighted and excited to return to the sponsor side of research with MAPS PBC.

Katherine feels lucky to live in the heart of the redwoods and wine country, north of San Francisco, in the sleepy bohemian hamlet of Sebastopol. She often visits walking and hiking trails, the majestic coastline, local wineries, and enjoys tending to her garden. Her partner in adventure is Doris, her 2 lb. chihuahua, and the two love spending time outdoors either golfing or taking refuge within the ancient silent forests. It is a wonderful relationship because Katherine loves to cook and Doris loves to eat.