Krystel Cohn, Clinical Program Manager (MAPS PBC)

Krystel is a clinical research professional with a background in academic and pharmaceutical studies. Prior to joining MAPS PBC, Krystel was a clinical project manager at Harvard Clinical Research Institute where she managed multiple investigator-initiated, cardiology studies. As a project manager at Clinical Assistance Programs, she led industry-sponsored oncology supportive care studies in head and neck cancer. Krystel also supported several IBD trials as a clinical research coordinator in the gastroenterology department at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center.
Krystel joined MAPS PBC in June 2019 as IMP supply manager, supporting the forecasting, manufacturing, and shipping of clinical drug supplies. In May 2021, she joined the clinical operations department as a clinical program manager supporting the management of multiple MDMA studies.
Krystel is thrilled to be contributing to the community outreach and clinical research lead by MAPS and MAPS PBC. Krystel joined MAPS PBC because she saw a critical need for increased recognition and compassionate understanding of mental health disorders and significant expansion of the currently limited treatment options. She is committed to creating space for open dialogue and supporting innovative and ethical research into previously unexplored paths of treatment. She loves that her work at MAPS PBC, whose mission of exploring the use of psychedelics as healing, transformative, and legally accessible treatments, aligns with her own perspective and goals.
In her free time, Krystel enjoys hiking, baking, reading, and live music.