Miriam Volat, Soil Scientist and Co-Director of the Riverstyx Foundation

Miriam Volat is the Co-Director of the Riverstyx Foundation and Director of Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund.

She works personally and professionally to promote health in all systems. Miriam works as a facilitator, educator, and community organizer to increase broad-based community and ecological resilience and decolonize philanthropy. Her work focuses on the intersection of biological and socio-cultural diversity. She has never stopped exploring nutrient cycles and soil ecology, the emphasis of her M.S. work in the U.C. Davis Vegetable Crops Dept. She also has degrees in political science and environmental studies.

Her life’s work at Riverstyx includes supporting efforts that allow issues stigmatized by society to be worked with in a way that brings healing. This includes supporting composting toilets and human bodies and Indigenous medicine, land, and cultural conservation. Riverstyx is committed to supporting a healthful integration of powerful medicines into society in a way that does no harm. As a mom, she is fortunate her daughter, Cora, also supports her work and participates passionately on her many adventures.