Roman Alcocer, B.S., Clinical Quality Research Associate (MAPS PBC)

Roman Alcocer is a clinical quality research associate for MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (MAPS PBC) and is responsible for assisting sites and study teams with audit preparedness, verifying that investigators and the sponsor adhere to regulatory standards, and ensuring quality across studies. Roman joined MAPS PBC in 2019 as a document control specialist on the clinical systems team where he managed migrations of clinical documents, trained users to various platforms, conducted user acceptance testing (UATs), and provided quality reviews of eTMF. In 2020, he switched to the quality assurance unit first as a quality assurance associate where he helped develop standard operating procedures (SOPs), create the audit program, and build department processes.
Roman earned a bachelor of science in mathematics in 2017 from University of California, Santa Barbara, where he discovered an appreciation for formal logic, Mandelbrot sets, and Fibonacci sequences (such as the pattern underlying the MAPS logo). Prior to joining MAPS PBC, he worked as an admissions evaluator at UC Santa Cruz, as a naturalist in Point Reyes National Seashore, and as a customer success manager at a product management software startup. He is passionate about establishing a safe and legal framework for society to benefit from the skillful use of psychedelics, and a firm believer in cognitive liberty. Roman can often be found in nature with friends, sitting on a cushion, searching for the perfect vegan burrito, and spending time with a good book.