Sarah Butts, Clinical Trial Leader (CTL) (MAPS PBC)

Sarah joins MAPS PBC after working as a clinical trials manager at Emergent BioSolutions, where she managed clinical trials for vaccines and treatments against viral diseases. Accumulatively, Sarah has 7 years of clinical research experience ranging from nutrition science to neuroscience.

Sarah knew at a young age that she wanted to pursue a path in science and human health and holds 2 bachelor’s degrees in public health and neurobiology and physiology, both from Purdue University.

Sarah has worked in mental health before, starting as psychiatric technician in a mental health hospital while attending college. She is extremely excited to again be given the opportunity to work with those suffering from mental illness and is proud to be working for this company that is boldly and bravely working to make progress in the field of mental health research.

Sarah resides in the Bay Area in California. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys being outdoors: hiking and doing archery. She also loves to travel, especially internationally. Lately, Sarah and her partner (who is of Ukrainian nationality) have been very active in participating in outreach and aid to support Ukrainians during the current Ukraine – Russia conflict.