Sonali “Sunny” Tinsley

Sonali “Sunny” Tinsley earned her BSc. in kinesiology in 2010 from University of La Verne and B.S.N. from Galen College of Nursing in 2021. Prior to joining MAPS PBC, Sonali worked in oncology, pain management, and infectious disease research disciplines as a project manager, line manager, and clinical research associate.
Sonali also served in the United States Army for 8 years as an Army medic.

At MAPS PBC , Sunny is currently serving as Clinical Programs Manager, focusing on PTSD and psychedelic studies. Her military background has prepared her to take on role at MAPS.

Sunny is passionate about helping individuals of all backgrounds find their pathway to healing from the trauma they have experienced. Sonali joined MAPS PBC to help veterans like herself, to discover treatments that are safe and effective to help them on their road to recovery.

In her free time Sunny loves taking long walks with her husband and 3 dogs. She also enjoys spending time horseback riding and motorcycle rides through Texas hill country as well as jet-setting around the world.