Integrating Psychedelic Experiences Course


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Integration is the process of digesting and processing the experiences that arose during a psychedelic journey, making sense of them, and determining their meaning for an individual.

Skipping the integration step usually means missing out on the biggest potential personal benefits of the psychedelic experience. Without integration, a psychedelic trip can be a wild (or confusing) mental ride, instead of a transformative and meaningful event with long-lasting impacts.

There are various integration techniques psychedelic voyagers can consider and apply, each with their own nuances. There is no right or wrong way to integrate, but there are supportive practices to learn. MAPS’ Integrating Psychedelic Experiences course explores each one in detail, with extensive guidance and supporting resources to ensure you’re ready to process and digest any journey.

Informed by MAPS’ 36 years of science-backed research and clinical experience, the Integrating Psychedelic Experiences course is must-have knowledge for anyone in the psychedelic community, from novices to experienced psychonauts.

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