Psychedelic Peer Support Course


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When a friend, loved one, or complete stranger is having a challenging psychedelic experience, it’s hard to know what you can do to help.

That is, unless you’ve learned the ins and outs of psychedelic peer support.

MAPS is excited to be developing an in-depth course that will teach anyone how to be an effective psychedelic “sitter,” or peer support provider.

Sitters accompany the psychedelic voyager during and after a session, providing help when challenging experiences arise and creating space for the voyager to access their own inner healing potential. Having this type of trained intermediary between the voyager and the external world can allow for a deeper, safer experience.

Learn the principles of psychedelic support, the ethics of being a sitter and determine when to seek support from medical or mental health professionals.

This course will cover:

  • The principles of psychedelic harm reduction
  • How to work with difficult or extreme state experiences
  • Role of the sitter or facilitator
  • Ethics
  • Developing harm reduction protocol

Informed by MAPS’ 36 years of science-backed research and the Zendo Project’s extensive, real-world harm reduction experience at music festivals and events the Psychedelic Peer Support course is must-have learning for anyone in the psychedelic community, from novices to experienced psychonauts.

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Pre-enrollment fees will help fund the creation of the Psychedelic Peer Support course. As a special thank you to our early adopters, we’re offering pre-enrolling students a significant discount off the regular course price of $199. Show your interest and support by taking advantage today!