Psychedelic Trip Planning Course


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You wouldn’t take a weekend backpacking trip in the wilderness without some advance thought and planning—at least,  not if you wanted it to turn out well.

The same holds true for psychedelic journeys. (And probably even more so!)

Careful planning helps psychedelic voyagers think through and prepare for all aspects of a psychedelic trip in order to increase the odds of having a safer, more comfortable, and more beneficial experience.

MAPS’ Psychedelic Trip Planning course provides a detailed road map for everything a prospective psychonaut should consider in advance, including such factors as:

  • Set and setting
  • Medical conditions
  • Setting clear intentions
  • Substance and dose
  • Safety
  • Supplies
  • Comfort
  • Fellow voyagers
  • Peer support/guides
  • Integration

Informed by MAPS’ 36 years of science-backed research and harm reduction work, the Psychedelic Trip Planning course is must-have learning for anyone in the psychedelic community, from novices to experienced psychonauts.

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