The Promising Science of Psychedelics Course


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If our introduction to psychedelic brain science in the Psychedelic Fundamentals course put your neurotransmitters into overdrive, then The Promising Science of Psychedelics course needs to be next on your learning wish list.

Psychedelic research has informed and continues to transform our scientific understanding of how the human brain works, the role of consciousness, and the underlying causes of—and viable treatments for—the most challenging mental health issues of our time.

With so much fascinating ground to explore, you can expect a wide-ranging and deep dive into the cutting-edge scientific and clinical research being done today with the help of psychedelic substances.

Tapping into MAPS team of researchers as well, as our global network of partners and collaborators, this course will feature the top scientists and therapists in the world. 

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Pre-enrollment fees will help fund the creation of the Integrating Psychedelic Experiences course. As a special thank you to our early adopters, we’re offering pre-enrolling students a significant discount off the regular course price of $199. Show your interest and support by taking advantage today!