What Always Comes to Mind: The Visualist’s Guide to a Metaspheric Perspective on Reality


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A brief, compelling philosophy of mind that goes beyond entheogen mind and dares ask: Can we consciously trace what comes to mind to its source? What is mind anyway? Has mind become evolutionarily obsolete in its original purpose as a survival mechanism? How does self/other mind perpetuate bias and cause suffering? Is there an evolutionary responsibility to consciously re-purpose mind, and is that the anticipated “awakening” the classic spiritual traditions ask of us? ENDORSEMENTS include: “Philosophically intriguing, thought-provoking, and visually compelling, James Guy’s uniquely envisioned, interdisciplinary treatise, What Always Comes to Mind, is a feast for the eyes and brain. Blending esoteric information from different scientific and spiritual fields of study with insight-provoking imagery and entheogenic perspectives, Guy explores what he calls a “visualist’s” perspective on reality, weaving together a fascinating narrative, integrating many unusual, interesting, and exciting ideas and insights about the nature of mind, matter, self, and other.”–David Jay Brown, author of The New Science of Psychedelics and Mavericks of the Mind.

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