MDMA Helped after Therapy, Pills and ECT Didn't

I have a nephew who is suffering from severe depression and anxiety, obsessions, avoidant personality, depersonalization, etc., that he believes was the result of PTSD (when his parents got divorced at age 11). He has been on all kinds of pharmaceuticals, some alternative therapies, psychotherapy, ECT (electroshock therapy), etc., and has found no relief. He has been hospitalized a few times, and has attempted suicide. This has been going on for almost a decade. He's 32. The one day in his life that he had any relief was when he took ecstasy. He was very talkative (normally not), and he did not feel fearful (he always does). He would like to try it again as that experience was the only time that he felt hopeful about his life and was not afraid. It's so hard on everyone to see him suffer so much (not to mention his own state of hell that he lives in). He graduated with high honors from college, and then fell apart. He has so much potential.

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