MDMA in a woman with ovarian cysts
By A.S.

I have ovarian cysts. At the time of my first session, I had had them for about one year. I took the drug intending to work on my emotional issues. Research on energetic causes of ovarian cysts pointed to unresolved emotional/creative drive conflicts. I was unaware that there would be an immediate physical effect of the sort that took place. Within 45 minutes of taking MDMA, I felt the largest cyst on my right ovary let go. I was naked, and standing in a lake. I reached down to the part of my belly I can normally feel the cyst at, and it had dissipitated. It did not come back until approximately three months later, when I hit an intense, charged, emotional rough spot.

I had done MDMA once since the first time, but the intent of the second time was to help someone else with their healing process. Since the cyst has returned, I have not taken MDMA, and so do not know if there will be a repeat performance. I have been experimenting with yogic breathing exercises for it. Although it is not as fast acting as the MDMA, there is a noticeable response. I am leery of taking the drug again, because both of the times I took MDMA, it altered the timing of my female cycle. I have not yet returned to normalcy, although the last time I ingested it was three months ago.