DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy

Drug Enforcement Administration

Mailstop: AXS

2401 Jefferson Davis Highway

Alexandria, VA 22301


Dear Administrator Tandy,


We, the undersigned, are writing to urge you to accept DEA Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Mary Ellen Bittner's February 12, 2007 Opinion and Recommended Ruling. Judge Bittner concluded that it would be in the public interest for DEA to approve the application from Professor Lyle Craker, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, for a DEA Schedule I license as a bulk manufacturer of marijuana. Professor CrakerÕs facility would be privately-funded and would produce marijuana for use exclusively by federally-approved researchers.

At present, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has a monopoly on the production of marijuana for legitimate medical and research purposes in the United States. Judge Bittner found this monopoly to be unjustified, since federal law clearly requires adequate competition in the manufacture of Schedule I and II substances. (See 21 U.S.C. ¤ 823(a)(1); see also 21 C.F.R. ¤ 1301.33(b).)  

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst is one of the nation's distinguished research universities, and is highly qualified to manufacture marijuana for legitimate medical and research purposes with effective controls against diversion.


We urge you to accept Judge BittnerÕs recommendation that the DEA grant Prof. Craker's application for registration as a bulk manufacturer.



The AIDS Institute

American Academy of HIV Medicine

American Alliance for Medical Cannabis

American Association for Social Psychiatry

American Medical Students Association

Americans for Safe Access

Center for Financial Privacy and Human Rights

Center for Liberty and Community

Citizen Outreach Project

Citizens for Health

Coalition Against Prosecutorial Misconduct

Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project

Compassion and Choices

Doctors for Open Government

Downsize DC Foundation

Drug Policy Alliance

Ethics in Government Group

HIV Medicine Association of the Infectious Diseases Society of America

HIVictorious, Inc.

L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Liberty Coalition

Lymphoma Foundation of America

Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

The Multiracial Activist

National Association of People with AIDS

National Lawyers Guild

Natural Solutions Foundation

The New Grady Coalition

New Mexico Nurses Association (Sent own letter)

Pain Relief Network

Reason Foundation

Republican Liberty Caucus

South Carolina Campaign to End AIDS

The Student Health Integrity Project (SHIP) 

U.S. Bill of Rights Foundation

Velvet Revolution

Women of Reform Judaism


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