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IMAGINE OUR SURPRISE Monday morning, December 2, 1996 when Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, read from the Autumn 1996 MAPS Newsletter during a nationally televised hearing on C-SPAN. Two viewers were so concerned by the tone of the hearing that they sent in donations to join MAPS and support research. We thought you'd want to know about Senator Hatch's comments and the implications of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for MAPS' research agenda.

The Senate Judiciary Committee hearing was convened to develop a federal response to the passage of California's Proposition 215 and Arizona's Proposition 200. These ballot initiatives were the first two successful state-level drug policy reform initiatives in over a decade. The fact that the Judiciary Committee Chairman turned to the MAPS Newsletter for information on psychedelic and marijuana research is just one more indication of the role that MAPS can play in shaping the national debate and in obtaining prescription access to psychedelics and marijuana.

MAPS must work hard to ensure that the FDA policy of supporting scientific research with psychedelics and marijuana will continue. The limited scientific freedom that currently exists regarding psychedelic research must not be taken for granted. The struggle to begin medical marijuana research must go on. Extraordinary opportunities and challenges arose in the wake of the state referenda in California and Arizona. For this reason, MAPS seeks to substantially increase the size of its membership [ Click here to join MAPS]. With your help, MAPS can grow into an organization able to answer persuasively the questions and concerns of the Senate Judiciary Committee and other authorities regarding the therapeutic uses of psychedelics and marijuana.

We are grateful for your interest in MAPS. We hope that you and your colleagues and friends will take an active role in assuring MAPS' ability to support research now and in years to come.


Rick Doblin, MAPS President
Carla Higdon, Director of Community Relations
Maggie Hall, Director of Operations
Mercedes Paulino, Director of Electronic Media and Communications

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