Other Psychedelic Research

See below for information about psychedelic research around the world not sponsored by MAPS.

The studies listed here are limited to those in which psychedelics are administered to human subjects. Studies that compare psychedelic drug users to non-drug users are generally not included, nor are animal studies. Inclusion on this page does not indicate that a project is supported by or affiliated with MAPS.

See our World Wide Web Psychedelic Bibliography for a comprehensive archive of past psychedelic research, including all clinical therapeutic studies as well as other human and animal studies.

If you would like more information about these studies or to alert us to studies not included here, please contact MAPS Research and Information Specialist This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Other Ayahuasca Research

Other Cross Cultural and Meta-Analysis Research

Other DMT Research

Other Ibogaine Research

Other Ketamine Research

Other Kratom Research

Kratom Studies: In Progress

Other LSA Research

Other LSD Research

Other MDE Research

Other MDMA Research

Other Mescaline Research

Other Multi-Drug Studies

Other Peyote Research

Peyote Studies: Completed

Other Psilocybin Research

Psilocybin Studies: In Progress

Psilocybin Studies: Completed

Other Salvia Divinorum Research

Salvia Divinorum Studies: In Progress

Salvia Divinorum Studies: Completed