Host a Watch Party for How to Change Your Mind

Psychedelic medicine wouldn’t be anywhere without people like you — the community members and donors who have supported MAPS’ work since 1986. When were founded, only a small group of people bought into the idea that MDMA — or any psychedelic — might be a medicine or wellness tool. After two decades of research, education, and advocacy, one in three Americans agrees with us.

If you’re visiting this page, you understand how important it is that we have honest, meaningful conversations with the two in three Americans who don’t yet understand that psychedelics, with appropriate harm reduction tools in place, can be important tools for healing, wellness, spiritual experiences, and even connection.

On this page, we’ve curated resources and developed tools you can use to host a How To Change Your Mind watch party with your friends and family, discuss the latest research, and introduce them to MAPS: the leading psychedelic research organization.

Step 1: Always start with a plan.

  1. Choose a date and time.
  2. Decide if your watch party will be in-person or virtual.
    1. Going virtual? Encourage all your guests to watch at the same time, then get together for discussion afterward on, where you can create a free event and your guests can “move around” to socialize.
    2. In person? Here are some tips for an in-person watch party.
  3. Invite your friends and family.
    1. Be sure to include the link to the trailer:
    2. Download any of the images below to use in your invitation.

Step 2: Order your Watch Party Pack

Order a free or premium house party pack with information and party favors for guests, plus special host gifts for you! If you select the premium pack, you’ll also be entered to win a signed copy of Michael Pollan’s How to Change Your Mind!

Step 3: Learn about how minds change

Step 4: Watch Chapter 3: MDMA with your friends

  • Choose and queue up a few of these other videos to share with your guests.

Step 4: Invite your guests to join the MAPS movement!

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