About the Artists

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Dean Chamberlain
Dean Chamberlain is perhaps best known for his light painting photographs of psychedelic pioneers. His use of psychedelics has directly affected the manner in which he approaches his art, not only by influencing his subject matter, but also through stylistic inspiration. His work has been featured in print publications and on the CD Journey Through the Spheres: A Tribute to Terence McKenna. See www.deanchamberlain.com.

A. Andrew Gonzalez
After a series of mystical dream experiences at age 19, Gonzalez felt reborn and in the grip of a "calling." Charged by this inspiration, he began to paint and developed his imagery as a tool for exploration and self-discovery. In his adult life Gonzalez studied under the master visionary artist Ernst Fuchs. Gonzalez does not categorize his art as "fantastic" or "surrealist." Rather, influenced by romanticism and idealism, he considers his work as "Transpersonal Tantric" art. Psilocybian mushrooms have been a useful tool to Gonzalez, in working through ideas and directions for his art. See www.sublimatrix.com.

Alex Grey
Alex Grey is best known for his depictions of the human body that "x-ray" the multiple layers of reality, revealing the complex integration of body, mind, and spirit. His paintings have been featured on the cover of albums by the Beastie Boys and Tool, in Newsweek magazine, on the Discovery Channel, rave flyers and sheets of blotter acid, and have been exhibited throughout the world. His books include Sacred Mirrors: The Visionary Art of Alex Grey, his philosophical text, The Mission of Art, and the recent Transfigurations. Sounds True released The Visionary Artist, an audiotape of Grey's art, philosophy, and vision practices. See www.alexgrey.com.

Mark Henson
Mark Henson was born in California, and formally educated with a degree in Fine Art from UC-Davis. He knew he wanted to be an artist when he was a child and has always been able to touch the core of creativity. He has traveled the world, spending time in the Far East and Central America. His work beautifully captures aspects of sexuality, spirituality, and expanded consciousness. See www.SacredLight.to.

Martina Hoffmann
Martina Hoffmann was born in Germany and spent much of her childhood in West Africa. In the 1970s she studied art education and sculpting at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, and later went to Spain where she met the Fantastic Realist artist Robert Venosa. Inspired by his work, she took up painting. She has also developed her own line of jewelry and clothing. In the 1990s she joined with a group of women artists, "Vox Femina" in Boulder, Colorado -- where she currently lives -- who perform multimedia stage shows. Her psychedelic-inspired work has been exhibited internationally, and appeared in books, calendars, and magazines. See www.martinahoffmann.com.

Mati Klarwein
Mati Klarwein has been described as "the last living descendent of Surrealism," having studied with Leger and been influenced by Dali, Magritte, and Ernst. He is not shy about admitting the influence that psychedelics have had on his art, which spans so many styles that it cannot be pigeonholed into any single category. His work has been featured on about 30 album covers (such as Santana's 1970 release Abraxas) and in numerous books, the latest of which is Improved Paintings. This incredible art book features a series of his works painted on top of other people's art that he has bought at flea markets and garage sales. He has reworked these paintings, breathing bizarre new life into them.

Stevee Postman
Stevee Postman is a digital artist living in Portland, Oregon. Working with the union of technology and the organic, he creates neo-pagan, faerie-inspired visual transmissions. He is the creator of the Cosmic Tribe Tarot (see review in the MAPS Bulletin Vol. X, No. 3), and his visionary work has appeared in galleries, as well as on a calendar, book covers, posters, and in numerous publications. See www.stevee.com.

Penny Slinger
Penny Slinger, an honors graduate of Chelsea College of Art, London, began shocking and thrilling the London art scene in the '70s with her bold creations. She works in many media. Her published books include the groundbreaking Sexual Secrets -- The Alchemy of Ecstasy. She has produced oracle cards, two full length videos, paintings, sculptures and collages, all of which have been exhibited widely. She married a visionary and humanitarian, the late Dr. Christopher Hills, and is now custodian of the Goddess Temple, dedicated to manifesting the energy of the Goddess on the planet. See www.goddessinternational.com..

Dirk Walter
Born 1958 in Germany, Dirk Walter lived in Brazil from 1966 to 1971, and moved to the USA in 1973. He received his BFA from the Philadelphia College of Art for printmaking, design and painting, and he currently lives in San Francisco. Walter remarks: "It's difficult to list all the different things that become influences in one's art but here are a few: traveling and living in other cultures, eastern traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, western esoteric traditions such as the tarot, astrology and sacred geometry, ancient Mezo-American art and archeological sites, shamanic journeys, transpersonal psychology, and the underground trance dance music scene." Contact the artist via e-mail at dirkananda@yahoo.com.

Fred Weidmann
Fred Weidmann is a Swiss visionary painter, illustrator, and designer. In 1970 he received his doctorate in Sociology at the University of Cologne, Germany. In 1999 he collaborated with Jochen Gartz, Christian Rätsch, and Paul Stamets to produce the Magic Mushrooms 2000 calendar, which featured his art augmented via computer with photos of psilocybian mushrooms of various species. See www.art-online.de/weidmann.html.