FY 1994 Financial Report

You can read this report in its original form here.

Total Income for FY 93-94 was $106,650.48. There you have it, MAPS' financial report for FY 93-94. MAPS continues to grow as does its research agenda, responsibilities, and membership. With your continued support, and that of new members who share an interest in MAPS' priorities, the report from FY 94-95 will demonstrate even more accomplishments. This year's priorities are to spend our current carryover funds, get MAPS' operating budget on a more secure footing, and raise $160,000 for Dr. Grob's study of the use of MDMA to reduce pain and distress in terminal cancer patients. With your help, it can be done!


Total FY 93-94 Expenses were $83,052.25.

The amount of money in MAPS' bank account at the end of the year rose to the rather astonishing sum of $55,946.58. Of this sum, $48,820 was restricted for specific research projects. By the time you read this report, several months after the close of MAPS' fiscal year, $1,568 of the restricted funds will have been spent on the Nicaraguan project, and $8,000 will have been spent on the water pipe/vaporization study. At the time of this writing, $39,252 remains earmarked for specific research projects

MAPS had a balance of $7,126.58 in unrestricted operating funds at the end of the fiscal year. Most of this sum has now been spent on this newsletter and to pay for operating expenses.