Volunteer at MAPS

Skilled, Administrative Support, & Event Volunteers

MAPS is working to improve our volunteer program; we’re excited about new opportunities that will begin to emerge. Whether you’re excited to share our story while tabling at upcoming events, want to superpower our work with your developed skills, or anything in between, we’re working hard to create opportunities for you to contribute to the psychedelic renaissance. Join our roster and get notified of opportunities as they become available by completing the information below.  We appreciate your patience as we work to build our network, and we’re excited to know that you’re out there!

For opportunities to volunteer with The Zendo Project, please visit their website.


Your expertise and experience is a highly-valued and well-paid skill. Sharing that skill for the advancement of the psychedelic industry can be rewarding and impactful.


Your time and energy can directly support our administrative needs. You can further the psychedelic movement with your contribution to our mission and vision.


Attend a conference, summit, screening or fundraiser as a local volunteer striving to provide exceptional customer service to all in attendance.