FY 1997 Financial Report

You can read this report in its original form here.

MAPS' income in FY 96-97 was $558,683. FY 96-97 represented a dramatic increase in income, expenditures and number of projects over FY 95- 96. FY 96-97 also saw the addition of a third part-time staff member, Carla Higdon, who is now working full-time.

Comments or questions from MAPS members concerning this annual report are invited. Only with the continued support of its members can MAPS continue to build in FY 97-98 on its successes of FY 96-97.

MAPS' expenditures in FY 96-97 amounted to $255,746.At the close of FY 96-97, MAPS had assets of $347,494, plus remainder interest worth about $23,000 in a home in La Jolla, California that will become solely owned by MAPS in approximately 40 years. In addition, MAPS owns computer and office equipment worth about $5,000. This compares to assets at the end of FY 95-96 of $44,367 plus the remainder interest in the La Jolla home and computer equipment worth about $2,000, and assets of $29,981 at the end of FY 94-95 plus computer equipment worth about $1,500.